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Martine Goossens built her professional experience working as a management assistant in various fields including finance, trade, manufacturing and service related areas.

Before joining Vesalius Biocapital in 2012, she worked for multinational companies (BNP Paribas Fortis, Kuwait Petroleum (Belgium)) as well as for SMEs (Belven, Avia Brouw).

Martine studied Germanic Philology at the University of Leuven and she has a bachelor degree in SME-Management.

Besides the genuine interest she takes in the nature of the professional activities of her employer and in the people she works with, she makes a point of continuously broadening her knowledge of different languages.

She likes going into the essence of things and will not shy away from taking initiative in order to get the job done. Her open and discreet character helps her in building and maintaining confidential working relationships.